Experimental Contributions

iText is a great open source PDF generation library hosted on SourceForge. I have been using iText in projects at my company and have made some contributions. I have a few experimental contributions here that are not a part of the main released branch yet.

Experimental Versions
  Expanded XML support (ver. 0.91)   Source      Jar
    This adds support for XML read/write of PdfPTables and new Rectangle border properties. The DTD has not yet been updated. Note that this code was branched shortly after Paulo's 142 version, so it doesn't have any of the changes since then.
Please post any comments / discussion of this to the iText mailing list.
Other works in progress
  iTest (as of 5/4/05)    Source      WAR File
    iTest is a testing framework for iText. It is still under development, but feel free to try it out.
To build - unzip the source in the root of the iText build directory. It will make a directory, "test", as a peer to src. Build the webapp ant target in the new test directory.
    Live site running iTest


If you use Visual Source Safe, check out ss2xml.


Feel free to send comments to me (Steve Appling).