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Almost as soon as I started building with the Mindstorm, I realized that I was going to need some more parts. I was surprised to find out that I couldn't just order the particular parts I needed from the Lego online store. For that matter, I found I couldn't order a new motor or even an entire new Mindstorm RIS from the store. All those parts were marked "can't add to cart." But I was hooked and I had to find another source.

Here are some useful sources:

eBay Along with everything else you could buy, there is quite an active new and used Lego market. Lots of eBay stores selling new parts too. Great source for bulk bags of parts. Individual sensors and motor prices seem to be higher than at Lego Education store.
BrickLink A great online marketplace for small Lego businesses. Best prices for that hard to find part.
Peeron An online database of Lego parts. Links to BrickLink stores that have that part in stock!
Lego Education Online store for Lego Education supplies. Can purchase motors and sensors here.





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